D.C. Weather Forecast: Fierce winds staying in the region for awhile

This Evening: Clear and blustery

Temperatures: 20s | Wind Chill: Lower teens/Single Digits

Overnight: Winds still gusty

Temperatures: Teens | Wind Chill: Single Digits

Wednesday: Breezy and brisk

Highs: Lower to Mid 20s | Wind Chill: Lower teens

The sunshine is out but don’t let that fool you. The wind is kicking and will be blowing for at least another 24 hours. Winds are moving in from the northwest, sustained at 15 – 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Highs will top out in the 20s today but with the wind it will feel like it is in the single digits to the lower teens. All areas will feel like they are in the single digits tonight with the wind still fairly breezy. Overnight air temperatures fall to the mid-teens for the DC area. Wake up tomorrow to sunshine once again but temps only topping out in the mid 20s. The winds will still be with us; however, it won’t quite be AS gusty. A few clouds moves in Wednesday night as a little piece of energy may bring the chance of some small accumulations of snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Winds finally break on Thursday. Highs on Thursday top out around 30 degrees. Then all eyes on the next storm system in the making that will swing out of the upper mid-west and down to the Mid Atlantic. Too early to pinpoint details at this time but looking like a threat of snow and/or sleet/freezing rain for Friday afternoon until the early morning hours on Saturday.