D.C. Weather Forecast: Sunny Skies

Today: Sunny and cool
Highs: Near 50°
Wind: SW 85-10 mph

Overnight: Clear and cold
Lows: 25°-35°
Wind: Light

Tomorrow: Mostly{ }sunny with seasonable temperaturesl
Highs: Low 50s
Wind: SE 4-8 mph

After a sub-freezing start{ } this Wednesday morning, temperatures will steadily climb throughout the day. But with a strong area of high pressure overhead, it will remain just a bit cooler than average. Over the next few days, as the center of the high pressure center moves, temperatures will moderate. Under{ }mainly sunny skies, highs will reach the lower 50s tomorrow, the middle 50s on Saturday and close to 60 degrees on Sunday.

A shift to southwesrly winds will allow temperatures to climb into the lower 60s on Monday and Tuesday under partly cloudy skies. The next significant weather system to affect our area will be a cold front and attendant area of low pressure. This will cause increasingly cloudy skies on Wednesday, slightly cooler temperatures and a chance of rain.