D.C. Weather Forecast: Dense Fog but Mild Sunday

Overnight: Foggy, Drizzle and Light Showers

Temperatures: Steady 43-48 | Wind: Light NE-E

Saturday: Foggy Morning, Cloudy Afternoon

Temperatures: 53-58 DC N&E, Low 60s S&W | Wind: E-SE 5-10

Sunday: Cloudy, Some Afternoon Sun and Milder

Highs: 65-73 North to South | Wind: SE-S 5-10 mph

Cool damp air over us and mild almost humid air to the south are the ingredients for the dense fog and advisory we have through Saturday morning{ }.

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This fog will be hard to break Saturday with light easterly winds so look for at best some improved visibility and just cloudy.{ } By Sunday winds turn into the south and some breaks in clouds will let the warmth to our south really come in and spots to the south of DC will likely get into the low 70s.{ } Showers and cold air coming in late Sunday and into Monday.{ } Enjoy the weekend, even if a gloomy Saturday morning.

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