D.C.Weather Forecast: Rain ending today but still damp and dreary

Today:{ }Rain ending. Remaining cloudy and chilly.
Highs:{ } 40°-45°
Wind: Light and Variable

Overnight: Mostly{ }cloudy and cold
Lows: 33°-39°
Wind: N 3-6 mph

Tomorrow:{ }Cloudy and cold with 50% chance of p.m. rain or rain/snow
Highs: Near 40°
Wind: N 5-10 mph

The rain will end but skies will remain cloudy all day. Mostly cloudy skies will continue tonight and tomorrow. Lows will be in the 30s tonight and only climb to near 40 degrees Thursday afternoon. Computer models diverge on what is going to happy tomorrow. Another area of low pressure will approach from the south. Right now we will call for a 50% chance of rain or rain changing to snow. Which model will be right on this one?

One model (RPM) shows clouds but no precipitation by 5PM tomorrow:

{ }

Another model (NAM) shows some snow( in blue){ }across the region{ }around DC and points southwest at 5pm tomorrow:

Sunshine returns for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And it still appears that MUCH COLDER air will arrive early next week. Cloudy and cold for Inauguration Day with highs in 30s and a few flurries possible.