D.C. Weather Forecast: Arctic air has arrived

Today: Mostly{ }sunny, windy and bitterly cold
Highs: 24°-28° | Chills: 5°-15°
Wind: NW 15-25, G 35 mph

Overnight:{ }Mostly clear, breezy and extremely cold
Lows: 10°-16° | Chills: Single digits
Wind: NW 10-20 mph

Tomorrow: Partly to mostly{ }sunny and uncomfortably cold{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ } Highs: 23°-27° Chills: Teens
Wind: NW 10-15 mph

We are so fortunate the timing{ }of this bitter blast allowed us to enjoy pleasant weather for yesterday's massive crowds in our city. Even though these bitterly cold temperatures have been common across Canada all winter, this is the first time this air has pushed this far south. Despite abundant sunshine, the next few days will be extremely cold and will feel even colder.

It will be Thursday before high temperatures get back to the 30 degree mark. By Friday, temperatures could get into the lower 30s. But a storm system will pass just north and west of Washington. The result could be snow and/or a wintry mix. There is a potential for adverse travel conditions in parts of the region. It's still a possibility at this point...not yet a probability.