D.C. Weather Forecast: Monday sunshine

Today: Mostly{ }sunny and breezy at times
Highs: 44°-49°
Wind: NW 8-15 mph

Overnight: Clear and{ }cold
Lows: 25°-33°
Wind: Light SE

Tomorrow:{ }Mostly sunny and mild
Highs:{ }Around 50°
Wind: S 2-5 mph

As high pressure builds into the area, sunshine will be widespread today along with occasionally gusty winds. Skies will remain mostly sunny tomorrow but temperatures will climb to the 50 degree mark. On Wednesday, as high pressure moves off the coast, southwesterly winds will push temperatures into the middle and upper 50s. Slightly cooler will return on Thursday and Friday behind the next cold front. Friday will also be the next chance of showers for our area.

Traffic wasn't moving 17 years ago this morning...because yesterday marked the 17th anniversary of the blizzard of 1996, which dropped 19 to 31 inches of snow across the region. DCA{ }received 17.3 inches, ranking it as the 5th highest 3-day snowfall. Dulles{ }received 24.6 inches, ranking it as the second highest 3-day snowfall.{ } Read more about it in Chad Merrill's latest blog.

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