D.C. Weather Forecast: Windy and Cold

TODAY: Partly{ }sunny, windy and cold
Highs: 36°-40° (wind chills in the 20s)
Wind: WNW 15-25+ Gusting to 35 mph

OVERNIGHT: Clear, breezy and cold{ }
Highs: 20°-27° (wind chills in the teens)
Wind: NW 10-15+ mph

TOMORROW: Mostly{ }sunny, breezy and still ciold
Highs: Near 40°
Wind: NW 10-20+ mph

With yesterday's cold front now well out over the Atlantic Ocean, a sustained flow of unseasonably cold air will keep temperatures below average for the next few days. As high pressure builds across the region, strong winds will make it feel even colder. Tomorrow will be sunny but still quite cold and breezy.

On Friday, another area of low pressure will approach the region.{ }Right now, just about everything is on the table precipitation- wise but whatever falls early Friday will change to rain by afternoon as temperatures rise above freezing. Snow, sleet and rain are possible as early as Friday morning.One question{ }I cannot answer at the moment is whether the wintry weather will just be a nuisance or a real inconvenience. Stay tuned for updates.