D.C. Weather Forecast: Bitter Cold Continues with a "clip" of snow overnight

      This Afternoon: Increasing Clouds and Cold!

      Highs: Mid 20s | Wind Chill: Upper Teens to Low 20s

      Tonight: Mostly Cloudy with Snow Showers

      Lows: Around 20 | Snow: 40%

      Thursday: Some A.M. Clouds, then afternoon sun

      Highs: Near 30 | Wind: NW 10-15

      We've been entrenched in arctic air for a day and a half now, but this is as bad as it's going to get.{ } Temperatures will slowly moderate the rest of the week. However, we won't make it above freezing until late in the weekend.{ } An{ }Alberta Clipper{ }will bring a brief chance for snow tonight.{ } Most of us will sleep through it. The best window of opportunity will be between 10p and 4a.m.{ } A 50% chance of a light dusting across the area.{ }The farther West you live, the more likely you will be to see any snow.{ } Any snow that falls will stick, as ground temperatures are now well below freezing.{ } Here's a look at one model solution of snow over the area around midnight tonight...{ }

      Rapid Refresh Model Overnight Snow Potential

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      { } Be prepared for a slightly slick morning commute tomorrow.{ } Clouds will start the day on Thursday but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon.{ } We're still looking at the possibility of round 2 of snow on Friday.{ } The system looks less impressive on the maps today compared to yesterday, with the most aggressive model bringing a quick 1-3" and others putting us in a "miss" zone between two weak lows that reform to our east.{ } Stay tuned for the latest on both accounts! I hope you'll join me at Noon on ABC7.{ } You can always watch online from your desk at{ }{ }

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