D.C. Weather Forecast: Arctic air is here for the week

This Afternoon: Mostly Sunny

Highs: Mid 20s | Wind Chill: Teens

Tonight: Partly Cloudy

: Low to Mid Teens | Wind Chill: Single digits

Tuesday: Partly Sunny

: Mid 20s | Wind: N 5-10

The arctic air has arrived in D.C. and it will linger for the better part of the week. At 8a.m. we hit 20 degrees, the coldest temp all winter, and with highs in the mid 20s today, it will wind up being the coldest high temperature in 2 years.{ } Winds are the biggest issue today with gusts around 20-30mph, so it will feel much colder than the thermometer reading.{ } The wind chill has been in the single digits all morning.{ } While winds will die down this evening and overnight, temperatures will be even colder than they were this morning.{ } So, the bottom line, is that our "feel factor" will end up about the same tomorrow morning. Here's a look at the forecast wind chill for 7a.m. on Wednesday.{ }{ }{ }

Forecast Wind Chill Wednesday A.M.

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{ } Temperatures will slowly increase the rest of the week with more sunshine than clouds. We are also tracking a cold front that is expected to arrive on Friday.{ } Too soon to pinpoint, but snow lovers should{ }tune in more frequently{ }with us on ABC7.{ }

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