D.C. Weather Forecast: Cooler days ahead...then Sandy?

Today: Becoming partly sunny
Highs: 72°-76°
Wind: ESE 5-10 mph

Overnight: Mostly cloudy. Some drizzle possible.

Lows: 55°-61°
Wind: E 2-5 mph

Tomorrow: Drizzle early, then partly to mostly cloudy

Highs: 65°-70°
Wind: SE 3-6 mph

Significant changes to our weather pattern have begun. Temperatures will slowly drop over the next several days and the chance of rain will slowly increase. And we still expect our area to experience some effect from Sandy in the Sunday/Monday time frame. But we are still not at a point where we can confidently predict if these effects will be a minor{ }nuisance or a significant { }problem.{ } Sandy is north of Cuba with 105 mph winds and it is expected to transition into a non-tropical storm. But because it will interact with a dynamic atmospheric pattern, it is likely to expand its radius of influence over time...spreading rain and high winds over a much larger area. It is important you stay in close touch with our forecasts and subsequent advisories during the next 4 or 5 days.

In the meantime, expect more clouds than sun, cooler temperatures, times of drizzle and eventually some rain and gusty winds.