D.C. Weather Forecast: A Wintry Saturday

      Overnight: Increasing Clouds, Snow and a "Wintry Mix" by dawn

      Lows: 28-33 | Snow: 70% Chance by Dawn

      Saturday: Snow N&W, Snow-Mix DC, Rain South

      Temperatures: 33-39 | Snow: Snow/Mix ending about 5PM

      Sunday: Sunny, Breezy and Cold

      Highs: 35-40 | Wind Chill: Near 25

      Tomorrow's storm is now{ } around Mississippi. { }{ }

      { }The storm will be a very rapid mover and any wintry weather will be out of here by Saturday evening I can't see any reason to make any big changes to the forecast.{ } Only a 40% chance that Washington will record the first inch of snow Saturday.{ } And anything that does{ } fall should not cause any big problems for your Saturday evening plans.{ } Here's the timeline for tomorrow which still looks OK. { } Sure cold for Sunday and the Redskins game Sunday evening.{ } Near 32 and still breezy at kick off.