D.C. weather forecast: a cold weekend with spotty snowflakes

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy, 30% Chance Light Snow, Cold

Highs: Upper 30s | Wind: N 5-10 mph

Tonight: Mainly Cloudy, Flurries or Light Snow, Breezy

Lows: 20s | Wind: NW 10-15

Sunday: Partly Cloudy, Cold, Gusty, Flurries

Highs: Mid 30s | Wind: NW 15-20 Gusts 30

It's a cold weekend with spotty areas of light snow.{ } A big upper level feature and an area of low pressure will strengthen off the Atlantic Coast today, and this should help cause a few areas of light snow.{ } Already,{ }Damascus had a brief hit of snow this morning.{ } The best chance (70%) of snow exists in Southern Maryland and across the Bay, however, other areas of light snow may setup across the metro and elsewhere as well.{ } So far there has just been light rain in lower Southern Maryland, but temperatures should drop just enough for this to change into snow this afternoon.

Accumulations should mostly be{ }limited to{ }southern Maryland where the potential exists to get around an inch.{ } However, around the metro area and elsewhere, we're just expecting a trace to light dusting.{ }{ }Our microcast model seems to have a good handle on{ }the{ }accumulation through this evening:{ }{ }

Microcast Model

Highs should be in the upper 30s on Saturday and mid 30s on Sunday, but it'll feel more like the teens and 20s due to the gusty wind on{ }Sunday.{ } Spotty flurries may be mixed with sunshine on Sunday.{ } As for Monday, it's looking sunny and unseasonably cool with highs near 40.

{ }