D.C. Snowstorm; Mid March snow to cause delays Monday morning


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9:19am:{ } Record breaking snow at the major airports this St. Patrick's Day.{ }

10.0" at Dulles{ }{ }Old Record 1.9" 1965

7.9" at BWI{ } Old Record{ } 5.0" 1931

7.2" at DCA{ }{ }{ } Old Record: 1.9" 1965

8.0" at NWS Leesburg office

8.2" at NWS College Park


Snow trying to wrap up and move on out of here. Tapering off by 1PM @abc7news @wtop

— Lauryn Ricketts (@laurynricketts) March 17, 2014

8:23am:{ } St. Patrick's Day snow (and March snow, in general) is not uncommon.{ } Last year, on March 25th, DCA recieved 1.4" of snow.{ }{ } It was 75 and sunny on St. Patrick's Day 2 years ago (2012).

8:12am:{ } { }Seeing more black pavement, but with temperatures below freezing it may be icy.{ } Be safe & travel with added caution.{ }

7:25am:{ } Most of the snow is over... for now.{ } Another mini wave will move in from the southwest and will bring additional, light snow showers/flurries late this morning.{ } No additional accumulation expected. { }

Snow was ended in Silver Spring (& across most of the area) KLWX - SuperRes Reflectivity Tilt 1 7:24 AM

— Eileen Whelan (@EileenABC7) March 17, 2014


9.5" Berryville,VA @EileenABC7 @ABC7Brian @wtop

— Steve Conover (@HardCoreHM) March 17, 2014


Some impressive snow totals this morning...5" to 9" on average! I need your reports please! Send pics too! @WTOP

— Brian van de Graaff (@ABC7Brian) March 17, 2014

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6:16am:{ }

"Here in Chantilly. 8.25 on deck table. @ 6:10.{ }{ }23.5 degrees here. Still snowing" thanks, Pat!!

— Eileen Whelan (@EileenABC7) March 17, 2014

5:47am:{ } Live Doppler showing snow tapering off west of D.C.{ } Snow showers will end from west to east.{ }

5:14am:{ } Snow lapering off in Loudoun county.{ } 12 inches reported in Ashburn, VA via Clint.

@EileenABC7 @ABC7Brad #12 inches of snow in Ashburn, VA at Clint's house as of 4:40 am

— Clint Goodwin (@resgoom) March 17, 2014

4:52am:{ } Preliminary snow totals, so far.{ } Please share your snow totals & location with us.{ }


Roads were probably the worst I've encountered all season. Even w/ 4 wheel drive, hard to get traction. Very slick.

— Eileen Whelan (@EileenABC7) March 17, 2014

4:37am:{ } The federal government is closed today, Monday, March 17th, along with many other school districts.{ } Click on the link at the top of this blog for the full list.

12:13am: The HRRR Model is depicting the heavier snow bands really dwindling by the morning rush hour, not that there will be much of a morning rush with the number of closures. It appears by 4am or 5am, snow will begin to fall at a lighter rate.

12:11am: Here are the latest snowfall totals in the area sent in to NWS Baltimore Washington.

11:40pm: Moderate snow continues to fall in Fairfax County and roads have become covered with an inch to two inches of snow as of 11:30pm. Here's a quick video of some of the road conditions on Gallows Rd. about a mile north of Fairfax Hospital.

10:47pm: A few moderate to heavy snow bands will continue to move north, with snowfall rates of an inch per hour or higher in isolated spots. Road conditions will continue to deteriorate overnight so don't go out if you don't have to.

Yellow indicates heavier bands of snow moving NNE. Radar:

— Adam Caskey (@adamcaskey) March 17, 2014

10:29pm: The winner so far has been Warren County, VA, where Meteorologist Mike Stinneford is reporting 6" of snow 5 miles west of Front Royal.

Many areas in Montgomery and Loudoun Counties are reporting over 2 inches of snow.

Latest snowfall report from the NWS can be found here.

10:23pm: Chris from Leesburg, VA is reporting snow sticking to the roadways there now too.

Starting to stick on the roadways in Leesburg, VA. @capitalweather @WTOP

— Scott DeMattia (@Scott_DeMattia) March 17, 2014

10:10pm: The Dulles Greenway is reporting 3.5" of snow in Ashburn, VA but plows are out!

Crews are plowing the road .... 3 1/2 inches of snow in Ashburn, VA #vatraffic #loudoun #snow #tollroads

— Dulles Greenway (@GreenwayRt267) March 17, 2014

10:04pm: Randy Benn shared another shot from Aldie, VA where snow is now sticking to the side roads.

@adamcaskey @alexliggitt @SteveRudinABC7 Sidewalk AND road are white now. Aldie, VA

— RandyBenn (@RandyBenn) March 17, 2014

9:54pm: As of 9:50pm, snow is beginning to stick on some of the sheltered side roads in the Mosaic District after I didn't see anything sticking on my way home 20 minutes ago.

Welp, now sticking to the side roads in the @mosaicdistrict @SteveRudinABC7

— Alex Liggitt (@alexliggitt) March 17, 2014

9:45pm: On the way home from the office I stopped by Luther Jackson MS in Fairfax by Merrifield and took this video. Pretty nice snow rates!

8:35pm: Snow is coming down fast in Aldie, VA in Loudoun County in this tweet from Randy Benn.

@SteveRudinABC7 @alexliggitt @adamcaskey Huge flakes coming down pretty good, but still not sticking on roads. Aldie.

— RandyBenn (@RandyBenn) March 17, 2014

8:30pm: ABC 7's Tom Roussey is out with the latest tonight at 11pm. Jay Korff is also out near Manassas. They will have the latest from the field tonight at 11pm. Meteorologist Steve Rudin will be in the weather center letting you know the latest on where the snow is, how much has already fallen, and if there is anything different to expect by Monday morning.

Truck after truck lined up to get loaded with salt near Connecticut Ave. in #Kensington

— Tom Roussey (@tomrousseyABC7) March 17, 2014

7:52pm: Closing in on 3 inches west of Front Royal along the Blue Ridge.

Closing in on three inches of snow. Just west of Front Royal. @alexliggitt

— Mike Stinneford (@MikeSABC7wx) March 16, 2014

7:49pm: At least VDOT seems to have things under control tonight! I noticed at least 10 plows heading in to work this afternoon and I only live about 10 miles away from the station.

Crews will mobilize by 6pm and by midnight more than 2000 trucks will be staged along interstates, major roads and neighborhood streets

— VDOT Northern VA (@VaDOTNOVA) March 16, 2014

7:39pm: A moderate to heavy snow band is setting up right in line with the D.C. Metro. This band extends west to Prince William, Loudoun all the way to the Appalachian Mountains. Snowfall rates of 1" per hour (with isolated heavier rates within) will be possible in this band.

NWS Sterling, VA Doppler radar as of 7:35pm

6:48pm: Checking out some of the traffic cameras before sunset I haven't seen any snow sticking to the main thoroughfares. This may not be the same for side roads but for the most part roadways are wet, not white. This is expected to change overnight.

6:31pm: Even with only light snow falling across the area, accidents are possible as roadways become slick rather quickly. It may take a little longer closer to the D.C. Metro, but areas west of the Blue Ridge have already become slippery. Here is an accident along I-81. Be careful out there tonight, take it slow!

Huge accident 81 south in Augusta county just passed Greenville exit. the backup is for miles, I just drove past it

— Aubrey Urbanowicz (@WHSVaubs) March 16, 2014

6:21pm: Here are the latest temperatures and dew points as of 6pm this evening. Temperatures have dropped into the 30s through much of the region, including 32 in Gaithersburg, 33 at Dulles and 30 west of the Blue Ridge in Winchester and Martinsburg. It's still in the lower 40s in the immediate D.C. Metro.

6:04pm: I might as well put these snow pictures in now before nightfall! This is in Loudoun County where a dusting has already fallen.

@laurynricketts @EileenABC7 @ameliasegal @alanauglis Light dusting of snow on the grass in Loudoun County, VA now

— Dave Johnson (@AviationandWX) March 16, 2014

5:52pm: Meteorologist Mike Stinneford is already seeing light snow pile up outside his home west of Front Royal.

Piling up quickly. Just west of Front Royal.

— Mike Stinneford (@MikeSABC7wx) March 16, 2014

5:44pm: Temperatures are falling into the 30s through much of the region as the column saturates above the surface. Light snow is being reported across the area but road temperatures are still in the 40s per the Maryland State Highway Administration webpage.

5:10pm: Snow is beginning to fall across the D.C. area and will pick up in intensity heading into the evening and overnight hours. At this point, the heaviest snow is expected to fall between 10pm and 7am. The highest snowfall totals are still expected to be south and west of D.C. over the higher elevations of the mountains, but heavy snow is still possible in and around the D.C. Metro with areas up to 5" in the immediate Metro and 4" to 7" possible south of town. Lesser amounts will fall farther north to the Mason-Dixon line. Here is our latest snowfall forecast.

Snowfall Prediction through Monday

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