D.C. snow storm: Travelers rush to beat the storm

On a day where the sun still made appearances and it was nice enough for lunch outside, the focus turns to Wednesday and snow.

Travelers were rushing to get out of town Tuesday, especially at the airport and on the rails. Many government workers caught an early train home, preparing to not be back for a few days.

For those traveling into the heart of the storm, it’s a different story.

Over 1,500 flights were canceled as of Tuesday afternoon, most in the Midwest, Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis areas, but that number is expected to grow as the storm continues to move east, pushing many people to leave early to stay ahead of the storm.

“As long as I’m not going to Chicago it’s good,” says Patricia Fredrichs.

Flights out of Reagan National Tuesday were already canceled to Chicago and Minneapolis, and the airports started canceling flights for Wednesday.

As of 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dulles had already canceled 250 flights; Reagan would ground 275.

Josh Young is trying to get home to Minnesota after a two-day conference in Washington.

“We were supposed to fly to Chicago first, then on to Minneapolis, then they tried to re-route us to Newark and on to Minneapolis, and now they’re trying to get us a direct flight from Dulles,” he says.

The airline changed his flight for free, but he’s on his own to get to his second airport of the day.

“We gotta do another 45 minutes out to Dulles and spend another $80 on cab fare.”

It’s pricey, but it beats the alternative of being stuck in D.C. waiting out the storm here.

It’s up to the individual airlines to decide if they’ll charge you a change fee to alter your flight. More cancellations are expected in D.C. Wednesday, although airport officials say they have enough heavy equipment on-hand to keep the runways clear.

Check the status of your flight with FlightAware.