D.C. Snow: Storm Timeline Map

      UPDATE (5:08am): Adam Caskey here with an update to the timeline (see small image).{} The newest information this morning points toward slightly warmer temperatures during the day{}and delays the bulk of the precipitation until the second half of the day for the metro area.{} It still looks like a glancing blow to the metro area with higher potential south of D.C.

      D.C. hasn't seen more than 2 inches of snow in almost two years!{} Could this change tomorrow?{} It's looking likely a storm system will develop over the Southeast and will bring moisture to the D.C. metro area.{} A few RAIN showers for your morning commute, but changing over to snow around lunch time.{} Expect a slushy, wet snow for the evening rush.{} Here's a nice timeline Bob Ryan put together showing the timing and precipitation type.