D.C. Snow: Another Chance Saturday

Thursday's big storm only gave Washington 0.2" of snow but a record 1.42" of rain.{ } After a long dry pattern from October until recently, the pattern across the county is sure more stormy.{ }

Another much weaker storm will be forming to our south Friday and, as always, the key questions for our area are, "Will it be rain or snow? And if snow, how much?"{ } Here is the latest weather map for Saturday morning from the folks at the National Weather Service:

Right on the line. One of the keys I look at is the "ensemble" simulations I talked about in this old blog.{ } Here is an example from the great weather page at Penn State:

These maps indicate that the primary storm that will bring moisture in early Saturday will weaken and a secondary storm will be rapidly forming off the North Carolina coast and with strong winds above, this second storm will race off to the east.{ }

Here are two other simulations of key temperatures near us and a fine scale model of the precipitation. Both trend toward snow around D.C., but the main area of moisture well south with the new storm Saturday midday.{ }

I think D.C. will get some light snow beginning around dawn and ending by noon.{ } I think a 70 percent chance right now of 1" of snow on grassy areas, snow rain mix for folks in southern Maryland and 2-4" snow western high spots such as western Loudoun County and Frederick County in Maryland.{ }

Everything should be gone by Saturday afternoon and it's sure not a big storm, but something for snow lovers to look forward to.

{ }