D.C. severe weather: Clean up efforts continue following fast-moving storms

With Wednesday's calmer and drier weather, residents began to clean up what the previous day's fast-moving storms left behind.

In Northwest D.C., tree limbs littered Constitution Avenue. There were snapped wires, but the damage in a neighborhood new RFK Stadium was isolated to one block.

The windblown rain storm seemed to punch a little harder depending on where you live.

"Heard the tree snap; I didn't know what was going on," said Carl Langley of the tree that landed in his backyard. " [But] everything was still up and running good."

But it wasn't so good about five miles away in Darnelda Trower's neighborhood in Cheverly.

"You are still going through this phase of amazement, you know, you can't fight with mother nature," Trower said.

Tuesday's winds whipped a massive tree onto her roof, landing about six inches from where she sat.

"If it wasn't for this house being 110-years-old, I don't know if I would be here to talking to you," Trower added.

The home's exterior was so fortified it kept the tree out, but the tree did manage to slice off the front porch.

Trower said, "We have talked to the insurance company, and everybody was been pleasingly pleasant, and we are trying to get timelines."

In Arlington,Femila Riguera and her family are playing the same waiting game. The tree that crashed down on her house was cut up and removed. But the chimney is still in the front yard, and there's a hole in the roof.

Riguera said, "We just feel so blessed...nobody was hurt."