D.C. Heatwave 2013

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6:00pm:{ } DCA reached 96° again today.{ } Not a record, but still hot!{ }

5:06pm: 94°F now with a heat index of 98°, so it appears the heat is falling just a bit in the late afternoon hours. That's good news to everyone! Tonight, expect low temperatures around 80 degrees in the city and 70s in the outlying suburbs.

The rest of the week will continue to have temperatures in the mid to upper 90s through Saturday. A disturbance will move into the region Saturday bringing a chance for showers and thunderstorms. A few storms may be strong to severe Saturday. Temperatures should drop back into the 80s by Sunday.

4:23pm: I have heard of multiple cases of heat exhaustion today even without the Heat Advisory. Here is a good link to the University of Maryland Medical Center{ }that{ }shows the{ }signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion.

4:06pm: Now it's 94°F and feels like 99°F at Reagan National. This is the 16th 90°F or higher day this year at Reagan National, which is well off the pace compared to the last few years.{ }By this date last year, DCA recorded 25 days at or above 90°F.

3:55pm: Code Orange Air Quality is expected tomorrow through Friday in the D.C. area, which means not only will the dangerous heat continue, but the air will also be unhealthy for sensitive groups including children, the elderly and anyone with heart or breathing difficulties.

3:19pm: I've really slowed down on this live blog since the Heat Advisory has been dropped. Interestingly enough, Heat Index values are above 105°F south of D.C., which would mean it reaches the criteria. Right now at Reagan National, it is 95°F with a dew point of 68°F making for a heat index of 100°F.

2:12pm: The Heat Advisory has been canceled for the D.C. area but heat index values will remain close to 100 degrees across the region. The reason for the cancellation is the fact that dew points are a bit lower around D.C. which means the heat index won't reach the necessary 105°F needed for a Heat Advisory. Any cool news is good news to us!

2:01pm: Now it's 94°F with a dew point of 68°F, making for a heat index of 99°F. I actually wish it was 70°F with a dew point in the 40s... guess I'll have to wait a few months!

1:23pm: It's 93°F with a dew point of 70°F making the heat index 99°F once again at Reagan National as of 1pm.

1:08pm: Before we complain about it being hot this week... think back to last July. By the 16th, there had already been 12 days at or above 90°F, 10 days at or above 95°F and 4 days at or above 100°F just for the minth!

July 2012 at Reagan National Airport

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12:51pm: Did you know for the month of July, every day has a record high of 100°F or higher besides three days?{ } Also, the record high minimum for today is 84°F, which is the highest for the month. Our low this morning was 80°F, which in 18 other days of the month would have broken or tied the record high minimum for the day. Confused yet?

12:39pm: Here's a good story about heat exhaustion in children forward along by Tommy McFly. It's a real danger during the summer months, not only today, so please know the signs!

12:31pm: This picture was taken by Jacob Wycoff yesterday when he entered his car in the afternoon. A good reminder to make sure no one is left inside your car as this heat can kill. It's happened 20 times too many so far this year.

12:23pm: Be sure to stay on top of this story about the Prince Georges County water outage as it is coming at the worst possible time.

12:14pm: I'm not opposed to sharing other meteorologists posts, such as this one from our friends at the Capital Weather Gang. Good write-up on the record-tying 500mb heights this weekend!

This height did fall a bit this morning to 5970m so I agree with Jason that the record heights will continue to fall as the ridge breaks down through the rest of the work week.

500mb height, temperature and humidity chart from 12z this morning

12:08pm: As of Noon, it is now a ripe 92°F outside with a heat index of 99°F. The dew point went down to 70°F which is why the heat index has stayed the same. We'll take it during the lunch hour!

The Heat Advisory continues through 7pm for D.C., Alexandria, Arlington, Flass Church and Baltimore.

12:06pm: A funny post from our friend TerpWeather on Facebook.

11:57am: Something interactive is always fun! How about a heat index calculator? You can find it here from the Weather Prediction Center.

11:48am: It's currently 91 degrees with a dew point of 71, making for a heat index at 99 degrees. This is already shaping up to be a pretty miserable afternoon! Take a look at the HRRR 3km model high temperature forecast for today. Upwards of 99 degrees in spots around the D.C. area! Once again, just a model forecast, but we think upper 90s will be reached in areas today. Thanks to Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue){ }of for the share.

HRRR 3km Model High Temperature Forecast