D.C. heat wave implodes as weather turns cooler, drier Thursday

Anybody who's spent time outside these past couple weeks in D.C. knows what a hunk of gyro meat feels while it's sweating away its vital juices on a slow-moving spit. It's been a little uncomfortable.

But today, thanks to an Ohio Valley cold front that whooshed through town overnight, the temperatures will take a plunge down into the 80s. (You know it's been hot when that sounds like a good thing.) Last night, temperatures were expected to fall below 70 degrees in the Virginia/Maryland suburbs – something that hasn't happened for nearly a month, as ABC7 meteorologist Alex Liggitt noted. And today, temperatures will probably be 5 to 7 degrees cooler than Wednesday, with higher locations seeing the 50s during the night.

Dew points are also taking a hit today, so the armpit-stank threat level has been lowered to green. Is it time already to check the NWS winter weather forecasts? Nope... this summer still has a lot to give.

Behind this chillin' boundary a pushy mass of high pressure crowds the region, keeping things clear and dry for a while. The sky will start to cloud over Friday as foul weather approaches D.C. For more on the rain outlook this weekend, check out Liggitt's dousing odds.