D.C. Forecast: Start of a week-long heat wave

This Afternoon:Mostly Sunny, Hot, & Humid Highs: 88-92 Wind: S 5-10 mph Tonight:Mostly Clear, Warm, & Muggy Lows: 68-76 Wind: SW 5-10 mph Monday:Mostly Sunny, Hot, & Humid Highs: 90-95 Heat Index: 95-100

We've had a few short-lived heat waves this summer, but the longest yet is likely starting today.{ } And while the highest temperature recorded to date has been 94, readings this coming week could sizzle as high as 97.{ } Factoring in high dew point values that could send the heat index into the 100 degree range, dangerous conditions and thus the first Heat Advisories of the season are possible.{ }

With high pressure expected to dominate the region{ }through next weekend, each{ }of the coming days{ }will aim for the 90s, feature mostly sunny skies, and promise only a slight chance of a{ }shower to provide{ }some cooling relief.{ } The{ }hottest days will{ }likely be in the latter part of the week as downslope winds{ }from the Appalachians drive the mercury up.{ } Prepare to stay cool and safe this week as Mother Nature runs her fever!

NOTE: The longest stretch of 90 degree{ }days this year was the four-day period from May 29th through June 1st.{ } The other two heat waves, both of 3 days duration, ran from June 24th through the 26th and July 5th through the 7th.{ }

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