D.C. Forecast: Sunshine and seasonably cool today, then rain and a much milder Monday

This Afternoon: Partly Sunny, A Bit Milder, Light Winds

Highs: 44-46 | Wind: S 5-10 mph

Tonight: Rain Likely, Cool

Lows: 32-37 | Rain: 100% Chance

Monday: Morning Rain, Quite Mild, Breezy

Highs: 56-63 | Wind: S 10-15 mph/G 25

Despite the brilliant blue skies yesterday, there was no escaping{ }the chill.{ } Before the winds subsided in the afternoon, it was an especially cold day with wind chills in the 20s.{ } But the churning snow storm in New England{ } responsible for our gusty winds -{ }the{ } peak gust at Reagan{ }was 43 mph -{ } is now well out to sea,{ } We{ }now have{ }a calmer and somewaht more comfortable day with light winds from the south, partly sunny skies, and temperatures headed for{ }the mid 40s.

A cold front is poised to{ }cross the DC area{ }after midnight{ }bringing with it the likelihood of showers.{ }{ }With milder air in place, the precipitation should be all rain with the possible exception of some areas in the Potomac Highlands.{ } The rain should continue into{ }Monday morning to{ }be followed by mostly{ }cloudy skies and a rather pleasant warmup: daytime highs tomorrow could reach the upper 50s, making for the mildest day this month.{ } Since January 30th and 31st when the daytime highs were{ }72 and 66, respectively, it has been a chilly{ }start to February with highs only in the 30s and 40s.{ } Enjoy your Sunday!{ }