D.C. Forecast: Rain, snow showers today; a cold, perhaps snowy week ahead

This Afternoon:Cloudy, PM Rain & Snow Showers Highs: 33-36 Precipitation: 60% Chance Tonight:Mostly Cloudy, Chance of Snow Lows: 20-27 Wind: NW 5-10 mph Monday:Mostly Sunny & Chilly Highs: 32-35 Wind: NW 10 mph

Yesterday's miniscule amounts of snow - just a trace fell at a few places like Dulles Airport, LaPlata, and Woodbridge - may not have created a winter wonderland, but the day's average temperature of 33 degrees made it the coldest day{ } this February.{ }That chill and the possibility of more snow will be with us for the entirety of the coming week.

Today is starting out with overcast skies, but the chill was mitigated some by the absence of any{ }appreciable winds.{ } Light snow currently in the Midwest will likely affect us this afternoon and evening, with{ }rain likely mixing in{ }for the metro area and areas to the south.{ } Little to no accumulation is expected.{ } Snow showers are also possible overnight.{ } Monday will see a return{ }of high pressure and sunny skies, but{ }yet{ }another{ }onslaught of colder air comes back as well.{ } Daytime highs in the lower 30s will yield to reading in the teens on{ }Monday night.{ }After another sunny, but very cold day on Tuesday, some models are showing snow developing late Wednesday into Thursday.{ } Temperatures will moderate some by week's end, rising into the lower 40s.{ } But those{ }numbers are still below the seasonal norm of 46.{ }

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend.{ } Just 19 days to go until March 1st, the beginning of meteorological spring!{ }{ }{ }