D.C. Forecast: Plenty of heat today, strong storms likely tomorrow

      This Afternoon:Partly Sunny, Hot, Humid, PM Storms Highs: 88-93 Rain: 30% Chance Tonight:Scattered Storms, Warm Lows: 67-75 Rain: 30% Chance Monday:Mostly Cloudy, Hot, Strong Storms Likely Highs: 91-95 Rain: 60% Chance

      As hot{}and humid as its been, this July has not been exceptional to date.{} Yesterday was just the sixth day this month when we hit the 90 degree mark{}and just one heat advisory has been issued.{} So compared to the July of 2012, for instance, when we'd already had multiple days of triple digit heat, this month has been on its best behavior.{} And with some atypically cool air poised to arrive by midweek, July's fiery reputation just might be jeopardy!{} Until then however, July will be its sultry self with highs today and tomorrow in the low to mid 90s making for uncomfortable days and likely stormy ones as well.{}

      There is a slight risk of afternoon storms today, but the likelihood will grow tomorrow as a cold front approaches.{} Some of those storms could bring high winds, hail, and flooding rains.{} The threat of storms extends into Tuesday as temperatures drop into the upper 80s.{} In the wake of the storms, unseasonably cool air in the midwest will arrive here on Wednesday and Thursday.{} The refreshingly cooler and drier air will be a nice reminder that July, statistically DC's hottest month, isn't all sizzle all the time!{} Enjoy your Sunday.