D.C. Forecast: Partly cloudy & cool today begins a week of winter in name only

This Afternoon: Partly{ }Cloudy & Cool

Highs: 45-49 | Wind: W 5-10 mph

Tonight: Clearing Skies, Turning Breezy

Lows: 29-35 | Wind: NW 10-15 mph

Monday: Sunny & Breezy, Seasonable

Highs: 41-46 | Wind: NW 10-15/G 25 mph

After a beautiful winter's day on Saturday when the high reached 46 at Reagan National, today{ }is a bit cloudier{ }but likely to{ }be{ }a few degrees warmer.{ }{ }A warm front moved through the area overnight, dropping some light rain and a few snowflakes - and there was some black ice earlier today -{ }{ }but this Playoff Sunday{ }will be dry.{ } A cold front tonight will switch winds{ }from the south to the{ }northwest,{ }bringing in breezy and somewhat cooler conditions for Monday; highs tomorrow{ }will likely stay in the lower 40s.{ }{ }Thereafter, a zonal flow across the U.S. will bring relatively mild temperatures through the rest of the week.{ }{ }With daytime highs projected in the low to mid 50s - and thus at least 10 degrees above normal during what is climatologically the coldest time of the year{ }- { }it will seem that winter is on holiday!{ }{ }

This much milder than normal winter has also been relatively snow-free with just 0.2 inches tallied to date.{ }It has in fact been nearly two years since any significant snow has fallen in DC.{ } It was way back on{ }January 26, 2011 when a 5-inch snowfall made for difficult travel.{ } Enjoy your Sunday!{ }