D.C. Forecast: More holiday weekend perfection: sunshine & low humidity!

This Afternoon:Sunny & Warm, Still Low Humidity Highs: 81-84 Wind: NW 5-15 mph Tonight:Clear & Mild Lows: 57-64 Wind: Light SW Sunday:Sunny & A Bit Warmer, Still Comfortable Highs: 84-88 Wind: SW 5-10 mph

After a spectacularly sunny & comfortable{ }4th of July, we'll be able to declare our independence from humidity once again today!{ } Yesterday's dew points in the 40s - unheard of during a{ }Washington summer - will be repeated as high pressure and northwesterly winds make for a thoroughly delightful Saturday.{ } With Post-Tropical Cyclone Arthur now well to the northeast, the blustery winds of Friday will subside significantly from 30 mph to just 5 to 15 miles per hour today.

With the high slowly making its way to the southeast, we'll see a change in the winds on Sunday.{ } The southwesterly flow will bring slightly warmer and slightly more humid air to the Washington area.{ } Still, with highs in the mid to upper 80s and dew points in the 50s, it will be yet another very pleasant summer's day and a great way to end the weekend.{ } The spell will be broken next week as temperatures in the 90s and higher humidity return.{ } Until then, enjoy these blissful days!