D.C. Forecast: More chill, gusty winds, and a bit of snow

      This Afternoon:Cloudy, Cold, Breezy, Snow Showers Possible Highs: 28-34 Snow: 60% Chance Tonight:Partly Cloudy, Cold, Windy Lows: 8-17 Wind: W 10-15/G 25 mph Sunday:Partly Sunny, Cold, Still Breezy Highs: 24-30 Wind: W 5-10/G 20 mph

      Cold as it was this morning - with readings in the teens and low 20s - temperatures were actually 10 to 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at a comparable time.{} But while today's temperatures are already higher than yesterday's 24 degree high at DCA and winds are gusting from the south, , there is little apparent warmth: wind chill values are still int he teens and single digits.

      After a brutally cold and snowy week, this weekend is offering scant relief.{} Look for mostly cloudy skies for the rest of today as a nearby cold front and a low pressure center over the Great Lakes bring the possibility of some light snow showers; by late morning, only a trace of snow was reported in upper Montgomery County and at BWI Marshall Airport. High temperatures today should be near or just slightly above the freezing point -{} a reason to cheer since we have been below freezing{}since{}early Tuesday morning{}- but the wind chills will mute any celebration or lighter coat!{} Sunday will feature partly sunny skies and chillier readings in the upper 20s.{} Monday could be a rather mild day, relatively speaking, with highs in the mid 30s before yet another{}Arctic blast{}plunges us back into the teens for Tuesday and Wednesday.

      NOTE: The numbing monotony of one cold front after another this past week has now dropped the average temperature for the month to almost 3 degrees below normal.{} With the average daily high now on the rise (44) and daylight hours increasing, we unfortunately will not be warming for much of next week.{} There is a glimmer of warmth at week's end however,{}with highs near 40 possible!