D.C. Forecast: March's chilly start continues with snow possible by midweek

      This Afternoon: Partly Cloudy, Windy, & Chilly, Flurries Likely

      Highs: 38-42 | Wind: NW 10-20/G 30 mph

      Tonight: Partly Cloudy & Cold, Still Breezy

      Lows: 23-28 | Wind: NW 10-15/G 25 mph

      Monday: Sunny & Breezy, Still Chilly

      Highs: 41-46 | Wind: NW 15-20/G 30 mph

      While there were a few peeks of sunshine yesterday, there was little else to recommend on{}what was an unrelievedly chilly and dreary{}day.{} The high temperature at Reagan National was a mere 39 degrees and with winds gusting to 24 mph, the wind chill values stayed in the 20s all day long.{} {}Not since March 4, 2009 had a March day not managed to reach 40 degrees.

      Today is dawned even colder than yesterday.{}And with the same low pressure system in the Canadian Maritimes{}sending more clouds and cold air our way, there is little improvement over Saturday's chill.{} Winds are{}gusting{}to 30 mph and temperatures{}are struggling into the upper 30s under mostly cloudy skies.

      For some cheer, look for Monday to be mostly sunny as high pressure arrives for a brief visit.{} Tomorrow will still be breezy and chilly however with highs only in the lower 40s.{} Thereafter, weather models show the potential for a coastal storm Tuesday night through Wednesday that could bring the area a mix of rain and snow.{} Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!