D.C. Forecast: July still masquerading as September, but hotter days ahead

This Afternoon:Partly Cloudy, Mild
Highs: 80-85 Precipitation: 20% Chance Tonight:Mostly Cloudy, Shower Possible Lows: 62-70 Wind: SE 5-10 mph Monday:Partly Sunny & Warm, More Humid Highs: 82-86 Wind: E 5-10 mph

For a month that can be counted on to scorch and sizzle, this July is hardly recognizable.{ } For the past five days, it has been masquerading as September!{ } With daytime "highs" hovering in the low to mid 80s and atypically cool mornings, there have been few of the 'open oven door' days Washingtonians are so used to in mid-July.{ } Yesterday's mostly cloudy skies and a high temperature of 84{ }at Reagan National underlined what has been a season of{ }summer "lite."{ }

A few showers moved through overnight and the possibility remains that we could see a few more this afternoon.{ } Otherwise, the same high pressure system to our northeast that brought clouds on Saturday will do so again today.{ } By afternoon however, some peeks of sunshine{ }are likely as the temperatures rise again to the low 80s.{ } And while some hotter days are ahead at midweek - near 90 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before a cold front returns milder and less humid conditions - we will have emerged from the statistically hottest time of the year mostly unscathed.{ } From July 7th through the 22nd, the average high is 89 and the average low 71.{ } Those numbers begin to cool off on the 23rd as summer{ }starts to wane.{ } Enjoy your Sunday and your summer, however cool{ }they may be!