D.C. Forecast: Cool temperatures & chances for rain through Monday

This Afternoon:{ } Showers & Thunderstorms

Highs:{ }77-79 | Rain: 80% Chance

Tonight: Cloudy, Showers Likely

Lows: 59-66 | Wind: NE 5 mph

Monday: Mostly Cloudy, Cool, Rain Likely

Highs: 78-82 | Rain: 70% Chance

After a delightful Saturday that warmed to the mid 80s and provided plenty of sunshine and very little humidity, today{ }is suffering{ }by comparison.{ } While still comfortable, a retreating warm front and low pressure{ }have conspired to produce{ }showers and thunderstorms{ }for much of the region.{ }{ }The system{ }has the potential to bring even more rain overnight and throughout the day on Monday; highs tomorrow, like today,{ }will{ }rise only{ }to the upper 70s.{ } Thereafter, high pressure will return to D.C. providing mostly sunny late summer days with highs in the mid 80s.

NOTE: Yesterday's 86 degree high and 69 degree low at Reagan National added up to the coolest day of the month of August.{ } The 78 degree average was not only the coolest, but the only{ }reading that exactly hit the statistical norm for the date. All the other days this month soared well above their averages.{ } Enjoy your Sunday.