D.C. Forecast: From boil to simmer: A break in the heat wave, but still hot

This Afternoon:Partly{ }Sunny &{ }A Bit Less{ }Humid, T'Storms Likely Highs: 86-90 Rain: 50% Chance Tonight:Warm & Muggy, Showers Possible Lows: 71-76 Rain: 60% Chance Monday:Mostly Cloudy, Scattered T'Storms Highs: 87-90 Rain: 60% Chance

While not even remotely cool, this morning's temperatures in the 70s marked the first time in five days that the mercury dropped below 80.{ } Yes, it is still humid, but not intolerably so as the long heat wave begins to ease.{ } The cold front responsible for the slight improvement is stalled over southern Pennsylvania and will make for unsettled weather for the next few days.{ } Under partly cloudy skies, today will feature highs near 90 and the threat of afternoon showers and thunderstorms; the storms yesterday were spotty, but parts of Montgomery County, like Gaithersburg, tallied 0.25 inches of rain.

The front will slowly move farther to the north and, combined with low pressure offshore, will{ }bring the{ }potential of showers and thunderstorms right through Thursday.{ } Daytime highs, while quite warm, will be seasonably so with daytime highs in the mid to upper 80s.

NOTE:{ }As summer wanes ever so slowly, the days are getting shorter.{ } After many weeks of sunrises in the 5 AM hour, today's occurred at exactly 6 AM. Enjoy your still summery, but somewhat shorter Sunday!

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