90 / 72
      86 / 68
      82 / 70

      D.C. Forecast: A weekend of fog, sunny peeks, and unseasonable warmth

      This Afternoon: Partial Clearing, Mild

      Highs: 56-60 | Wind: Calm

      Tonight: Mostly Cloudy, Areas of Fog, Mild

      Lows: 40-50 | Wind: SE 5 mph

      Sunday: Fog & Drizzle, Then Pt. Sunny & Warm

      Highs: 65-70 | Wind: SE 5-10 mph

      Visibilities have improved across the area and all of the Dense Fog Advisories{ }are expiring at noon. Earlier today, visibilities as low as{ }10 to 20 feet were reported just west of the District.

      Because of high pressure off the southeast coast, a steady stream of milder air is{ }moving our way.{ } But with a stationary front draped across central Virginia and very light winds, skies{ }won't clear completely{ }this afternoon.{ } Still, with peeks of sunshine, high temperatures could reach the upper 50s.{ }{ }

      After a very mild night when temperatures don't fall much below 50, Mother Nature will offer a similar scenario on Sunday with a foggy, drizzly start to an otherwise very mild day.{ } More sunshine is expected tomorrow afternoon as the mercury could soar to near 70.{ } Such{ }an unseasonable temperature could make for{ }one of the mildest days in this most unusual of{ }winters.{ } Readings of 72, 62, and 59 on December 4th, 18th, and 21st, respectively, testify to a season that's forgotten that it belongs in the icebox!{ } Enjoy your Saturday.