D.C. Forecast: Cloudy and mild today, balmy and blustery tomorrow

This Afternoon:{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ }{ } Mostly Cloudy & Mild Highs: 58-65 Wind: S 5-10 mph Tonight:Rain Likely After Midnight Lows: 55-62 Rain: 90% Chance Monday:Early Rain, PM Sunshine, Windy, Warm Highs: 65-70 Wind: W 10-20/G 30 mph

The earlier Fog Advisories have ended but patches of fog still linger, especially around the Bay and Eastern Shore. Visibilities have improved and although skies are still mostly cloudy, some welcome shafts of sunlight have been noted!{ } Look for highs in the lower 60s, continued high dew points, and occasional showers for the remainder of this Sunday.{ }

Today's big weather story, the{ }strong cold front in the upper Midwest and the potential for severe weather coming through the Ohio{ }Valley, will begin to impact the DC area later tonight.{ } Look for rain, some of it{ }heavy, to fall after midnight and into the early morning hours.{ } Temperatures will stay unusually mild overnight{ } - near 60 - and actually rise tomorrow to near 70 as the morning rain yields to afternoon sunshine.{ } Gusty downsloping winds out of the west{ } will push the mercury upwards, giving us the week's warmest day.{ }{ }

The chillier, drier air associated with the cold front { }will finally{ }arrive on Tuesday{ }accompanied by{ }sunny skies and highs only in the upper 40s.{ } That pattern is expected to last{ } through the remainder of the week with daytime highs near 50 and nighttime lows in the{ }mid 30s to lower 40s, both of which are below normal.{ } It is all the more reason to enjoy this weekend's balmy break from November's usual self!{ }