D.C. Forecast: Dry & pleasant today, wet and cool tomorrow

      This Afternoon:Partly Sunnyy, Mild, Increasing Clouds Highs: 76-80 Wind: NE 5-10 mph Tonight:Showers Likely Lows: 60-66 Rain: 60% Chance Sunday:Showers Likely, Quite Cool Highs: 70-75 Rain: 80% Chance

      After leading charmed weather lives for the past three days, our reverie is about to end!{} But the{}return of summer will be gradual and not all that oppressive.{}Like{}the{}autumnal mornings with lows in the 50s and{}low 60s since Wednesday, today started out similarly cool.{} And with high pressure still in control over New England,{}we can look for a partly sunny and mild day with highs near 80.{} But a system to our south will eventually bring more clouds as we get into the afternoon and evening hours.{} Any rain in the immediate metro area will likely hold off until well after sunset.{}{} Overcast skies and much cooler temperatures are expected{}on Sunday as scattered showers are possible through midday.{} Highs tomorrow will be only in the lower 70s.

      The chance of showers and thunderstorms{}will extend through Monday as we revert back to a more summer-like pattern: gone will be the cooler nights as{}the mercury{}returns{}to the seasonal norm of 70 and daytime highs aim again for the mid to upper 80s.{} High pressure{}comes back{}at midweek as do temperatures near 90.{} It'll be time to put the sweater away,{}turn the A/C back on, and be reminded that it is still summer!{}

      NOTE: Need another reminder that summer is on the wane?{} Today is the last day of an 8:00 PM sunset.{} On Sunday, darkness descends at 7:58 PM.{} Enjoy your weekend!