D.C. Forecast: Chilly, warm, & cold again in a week of weather whiplash

This Afternoon:Turning Mostly Sunny, Breezy, Chilly Highs: 45-51 Wind: NW 10-15/G 20 mph Tonight:Mostly Cloudy & Chilly Lows: 34-38 Wind: N 5 mph Monday:Mostly Cloudy & Warmer Highs: 60-63 Wind: SW 5-10 mph

At long last, we had a genuinely comfortable day!{ } Saturday's 67 degree high at Reagan National marked the 2nd warmest day this calendar year.{ } Only the 69 degree reading back on February 21st was toastier.{ } However{ }a cold front, { }now to our south, has brought a temporary halt to the heat.{ } For while it is{ }seasonably cool today with most areas{ }in the{ }40s, breezy northwesterly winds are producing wind chills in the low 30s.{ } Under mostly sunny the mercury should top out in the mid{ } to{ }upper 40s with winds gusting to 20 mph and above.

Our fortunes reverse on Monday as high pressure over the south will set up a southwesterly flow.{ } The warmer air{ }will bring back the 60s for both Monday and Tuesday.{ } The pendulum will swing again on Wednesday as colder air drops down from Canada, bringing with it the likelihood of a cold rain, highs in the 30sand 40s, and the possibility of some snow. Thereafter, in what will be a week of weather whiplash, temperatures will start to moderate again with highs nearing 60 by Saturday.