D.C. Forecast: Another mild day before more typical July heat returns

      This Afternoon: Mostly Cloudy, A Bit Warmer

      Highs: 79-84 | Wind: E 5/S 5 mph

      Tonight: Mostly Cloudy, Seasonable

      Lows: 67-72 | Wind: S 5-10 mph

      Monday: Pt. Cloudy, Hot, T'Storms Possible

      Highs: 89-95 | Precipitation: W 5-10 mph

      Yesterday's 71 degree high at Reagan National was the coolest July day since July 26, 2002.{} With the low a mere 4 degrees less at 67, the daily average of 69 made for a whopping 11 degrees below the average for the date.{} That's the greatest divergence from the norm since back on April 23 when the discrepancy was13 degrees, making{}for a most extraordinarily cool day in a month when relentless sun makes such chill almost impossible.

      The rains of yesterday are largely finished - they were significant in some areas, e.g., 1.25 inches at BWI - and just some drizzle and fog remained this morning.{} The low clouds are beginning to breakup amd some peeks of sunshine are appearing this afternoon.{} The high temperature today should be around 80, which{}is still about 10 degrees below normal.{} However, as high pressure moves to the northeast and we start to get a southwesterly flow of warmer, more humid air, look for the mercury to rise rapidly into tomorrow when the dreaded 90s return.{} Thunderstorms are possible both Monday and Tuesday with some drier, more pleasant days likely on Wednesday and Thursday.

      Enjoy one more cooler than normal day before July{}comes steaming back!{}