D.C. Forecast: A welcome weekend of mild & partly sunny days

This Afternoon:Mostly Sunny, Breezy & Comfortable Highs: 58-63 Wind: SW 10-15 mph Tonight:Partly Cloudy & Chilly Lows: 35-40 Wind: S 5-10 mph Sunday:Mostly Cloudy, Still Mild, Late Rain/Snow Highs: 57-62 Wind: SW 10 mph

Despite cloudy skies, scattered showers, and a confirmed tornado, yesterday finally felt like spring might get here yet!{ } The 69 degree high temperature at Reagan National, reached just after noon, marked the warmest reading this calendar year and the highest since we hit 72 way back on December 22nd.{ } The strong cold front that moved quickly through the DC area and spawned an EF0 tornado that traveled 18 miles across southern Maryland is now well out to sea.{ } High presure and southwesterly breezes have followed, promising a very pleasant Saturday with partly to mostly sunny skies and highs near 60.{ } Sunday should be similarly mild with a few more clouds

Our reverie will end however, late Sunday night when another front will herald the return of arctic air.{ } There is a slight chance of rain and snow showers Sunday night as temperatures fall into the lower 30s.{ } Monday will confirm - { }with a slap of cold air - { }that winter is still with us!{ } Highs{ }will only make it to the lower 40s.{ } There is then a chance of snow showers on Tuesday and some models are showing accumulating snow a possibility{ }for Wednesday.{ } This winter's{ }familiar pattern of low pressure centers{ }traveling along{ }a jet stream dangling just to our south could{ }be problematic once again.{ }{ }The remainder of the week will stay quite cold as we{ }bid farewell to February and meteorological winter.{ } Enjoy{ }what promises to be a{ }pleasant weekend!