D.C. Forecast: A muggy airmass means a threat of showers through Tuesday

This Afternoon:Mostly Cloudy, Warm, Humid, PM T'Storms Highs: 80-85 Rain: 50% Chance Tonight:Mostly Cloudy, Showers Possible Lows: 66-71 Rain: 40% Chance Monday:Showers & Thunderstorms Likely Highs: 78-83 Rain: 70% Chance

Will Saturday's "humidity holiday" last through the weekend?{ } And how wet could it get this coming week?

With hazy skies and high levels of humidity, It is a decidedly muggy morning in the nation's capital!{ }

After Saturday's delightfully comfortable afternoon, light winds are now coming from the south, dew points have risen, and as a result, our comfort zone is fast disappearing.{ } With a trough of low pressure overhead, this Sunday{ }will be an unsettled one with mostly skies and a{ } threat of{ }thunderstorms this afternoon.{ }

With a warm front advancing on the area, the overnight period could be wet as well; indeed, heavy downpours are possible late tonight and through the day on Monday. Not{ }until a cold front arrives on Tuesday{ }does the threat of shower and thunderstorm activity decline.

With any significant rain through the period, it is{ }possible that the 1+ inch rainfall deficits at all three major area airports could be wiped out for the first time this year.

The good news is that high pressure is expected by midweek, promising a string of mostly sunny and rain-free days right into next weekend.{ } Look for daytime highs near the seasonal normal of{ }82 from Thursday through Saturday.{ } Enjoy your Sunday!