D.C. Forecast: A mostly cloudy, occasionally wet weekend

This Afternoon:Cloudy & Seasonable Highs: 55-60 Wind: SE 5 mph Tonight:Cloudy, Drizzle & Areas of Fog Lows: 45-52 Wind: E 5 mph Sunday:Mostly Cloudy, Quite Mild, Late Day Rain Highs: 65-68 Rain: 50% Chance

After a week of wintry mornings, today dawned on a much milder note.{ }{ }Temperatures were in the 40s, dew points were higher, and last night's rain had moved off to the east.{ } That rain was significant, with most areas like Reagan National at 1/4 inch, recording the most{ }at any time{ }during this{ }very dry month.{ } There is more rain in the forecast, but likely not until later tomorrow afternoon and evening.{ } In the interim, partly to mostly cloudy skies will prevail but so too will milder temperatures.{ } While skies are clearing some to the west of DC, stratus clouds could linger around the the immediate metro area and to the east through much of the day.{ } Highs today should be in the mid to upper 50s and on Sunday,{ }close to 70!{ } Areas of fog and drizzle are{ }possible tonight as temperatures{ }drop only to about 50.

The warm front that will{ }provide us with a somewhat balmy weekend will extend into Monday before a strong cold front brings{ }some heavy downpours and chillier air.{ } Monday will be a transitional day as the mercury falls from the mid 60s into the lower 50s.{ } The return of high pressure, northwesterly winds, and plenty of sunshine on Tuesday will also return us to the icebox, if not the freezer!{ } Highs on Tuesday and Wednesday should hover in the 40s with slightly milder, but still colder than normal readings in the lower 50s at week's end.

NOTE: We continue to lose daylight with the sun setting now before 5 PM.{ } The attrition continues until December 22nd, the day of the winter solstice, when{ }with{ }the sunrise at 7:24 AM and sunset{ }at 4:50, we begin to gain daylight, if just 1 second on that turnaround day!{ }{ }{ }