D.C. Forecast: A hot weekend with stray storms, much cooler at midweek

This Afternoon:Partly Sunny, Hot, Humid, Stray Storm Highs: 87-90 Wind: S 5-10 mph Tonight:Partly Cloudy & Warm Lows: 65-71 Wind: S 10 mph Sunday:Partly Sunny, Hot, PM Storms Possible Highs: 89-93 Rain: 30% Chance

It's a warm start to a weekend that will be seasonably hot and humid with the threat of afternoon thunderstorms, especially on Sunday.{ } That same pattern will persist into early next week with daytime highs in the 90s, dew points in the uncomfortable 70s, and strong storms even more likely than today or tomorrow.{ }

But just as it seems that summer is hitting its stride, a pool of cool air in the midwest will bring some refreshing air to the metro area.{ } Starting at midweek, daytime highs near 80 and dew points in the 50s won't quite make a mockery of the season, but{ }they'll cast it in a far more flattering light.{ } Until that natural air-conditioning arrives, keep cool and enjoy the weekend.

NOTE: Be sure to take in the so-called "super moon" tonight.{ } When a full moon like tonight's{ }appears at{ }the moon's{ }perigee - it's closest brush with earth on its elliptical orbit - the moon seems especially large.