D.C. Forecast: A cool, drizzly Sunday, a warm Monday, then sunny & seasonable

This Afternoon: Overcast & Cool, Occasional Rain &{ }Drizzle

Highs: 47-52 | Rain: 70% Chance

Tonight: Cloudy, Drizzle & Areas of Fog

Lows: 45-50 | Wind: SE 5-10 mph

Monday: Cloudy, PM Showers, Very Mild

Highs: 66-70 | Wind: S/NW 5-15/G 25 mph

It{ }was yet another mild and misty morning in the Nation's Capital in what has become a predictable weekend pattern.{ } For the third weekend in a row, morning clouds and fog are slow to erode as afternoons struggle for a few peaks of sunshine.{ } Today, however, will be mostly devoid of even{ }a few rays as a nearly stationary front brings unsettled conditions throughout the day.{ }{ }Look for mostly cloudy skies this{ }afternoon with mist, drizzle, and occasional rain.{ }{ }Temperatures will{ }change very little, holding in the upper 40s and low 50s.{ }{ }

Monday{ }should be mostly cloudy with morning fog and afternoon rain.{ } The big story however will be the soaring mercury{ }as highs could reach 70 degrees!{ } A late day front and a wind shift to the northwest will then bring some heavier rain and a return to more seasonable temperatures and sunshine for the remainder of the week.

NOTE: After the first cooler than normal month all year in November, this month is reverting to type with the monthly average to date a whopping 6.4 degrees above the norm.{ } This{ }past Thursday was the only{ }really chilly day this month with its 44 degree high; every other day has been in the 50s, 60s or 70s.{ }{ } Enjoy these mild temperatures while they last!