D.C. Forecast: A chilly, blustery Sunday with a bit of snow, then milder on Monday

      This Afternoon: Partly Sunny, Blustery, Snow Showers

      Highs: 33-36 | Wind: NW 10-20/G 35 mph

      Tonight: Mostly Clear, Cold, Breezy

      Lows: 18-25 | Wind: NW 10-20 mph

      Monday: Mostly Sunny, Milder, Less Windy

      Highs: 40-44 | Wind: WSW 5-10 mph

      While there were tantalizing hints of spring on Friday, reminders that it is still winter were abundant yesterday and again today.{} After a high of 60 on Friday, yesterday barely managed to hit 41 at Reagan National and only reached the upper 30s at BWI Marshall and Dulles.{} Add in some scattered snow showers and flurries, and{}Friday's{}flirtation with spring was just that!{}

      This morning{}was even chillier than yesterday by nearly 10 degrees and felt colder still with winds gusting{} to 30 mph. With a strong{}low pressure system churning just off shore and a high pressure center looming to the west,{} the{}resulting pressure gradient{}is keeping it blustery and very cold this Sunday.{} Under partly sunny skies, look for highs only in the lower 30s and wind chill values in the teens and 20s.{} With the nearby low pulling in some moisture, there could also be scattered snow showers throughout the day.{} Far to the west, there is a Winter Weather Advisory for the Potomac Highlands until 5 PM with 2 to 4 inches of snow possible.

      The winds will abate only slightly overnight, but Presidents' Day promises to be calmer and more comfortable.{} Along with{}winds switching direction to the southwest and dropping to only 5 to 10 mph, temperatures will rise to near 40 tomorrow and skies should be mostly sunny.{}While not quite spring-like, these chilly days still{}sport{}higher sun angles and{}increased daylight hours and thus remind us that the vernal equinox will arrive soon enough.{} Hurry March 20th!{} Enjoy your Sunday.