D.C. Forecast: A breezy & unseasonably chilly start to March

This Afternoon: Mostly Cloudy, Chilly, Breezy, Flurries

Highs: 38-42 | Wind: NW 10-15/G 25 mph

Tonight:{ }Partly{ }Cloudy & Cold, Few Flurries

Lows: 26-33 | Wind: NW 5-10 mph

Sunday: Partly Sunny, Windy, Chilly

Highs: 40-44 | Wind: NW 15-20/G 30 mph

After a colder than normal February, this new month of March{ }is continuing to give us the cold shoulder.{ } With the average high now 51 degrees, we face a chilly weekend of readings only in the lower 40s.{ } A northwesterly flow of winds that could gust up to 30 mph will heighten the chill both today and tomorrow.{ } Mostly cloudy skies today will yield to a bit more sunshine on Sunday, but the brisk winds will make any warmth illusory.

The unseasonable chill won't be budging any time soon as a deep dip in the jet stream will be bringing cold air as far south{ }as Florida for much of the coming week.{ } And with a storm now in the Pacific projected to move toward the southeast, some models are showing the low pressure system forming into a storm that might threaten the mid-Atlantic by midweek.{ } It is too soon to tell is the yet-to-form{ }storm will pass out to sea or bring us a mix of rain and snow on Wednesday.{ }

So while there will be few meteorological clues this coming week that spring is nigh, the calendar still shows March 20th as the first day of the new season!{ } Enjoy your weekend.

NOTE: If the snow does fall moderately{ }on Wednesday, it could be the most snow DC has tallied since January 26th, 2011 when we had a 5.0" snowfall.{ } And while snow is not a rarity in March - it snowed 4.5" on this date just 4 years ago - the average amount is a mere 1.3".{ } The snowiest March was almost 100 years ago when 19 inches fell in DC in 1914.