D.C. Area Winter Storm Live Blog



7:36pm:{ } Very wet in D.C. along Columbus Circle in front of Union Station.{ } Bands of moderate rain have caused standing water.{ } Fortunately, temperatures are above freezing, so it's just wet.{ } Farther north and west, ice is a major concern.{ }

7:25am:{ } The rain train continues, but will gradually taper off over the next several hours.{ } Any freezing rain will transition to rain, as temperatures slowly climb above freezing.{ }


6:45am:{ } Moderate rain falling in the District.{ } West of I-95 freezing rain is still being reported.{ } Here's a radar image depicting the mixed precipitation across the metro area.{ }


5:10am:{ } Numerous schools are closed across the area.{ } The federal government is on a 2 hour delay with unscheduled leave.{ } Click here for the latest closings and delays.

4:25am:{ } Temperatures downtown are now above freezing (34 degrees), but freezing rain is still an issue west of the District. { } The moisture train continues with precipitation possible through early afternoon.

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11:25 pm:{ } Last blog post tonight. It will rain most of the night, across most of the area. BUT the temperature trend is encouraging especially south and east of DC. As soon as temperatures reach 33 degrees, no more ice will form. The problem is it may take until after sunrise tomorrow for that to occur across the entire region. Don't be surpised to hear some sleet and a clap of thunder overnight. The highest ice accumulations willoccur north and west of DC where temperatures will stay below freezing the longest. Jacqui and Eileen will start our coverage on ABC 7 at 4:30 Monday morning...just 5 hours from now. And by the way. model guidance suggest we may see more snow on Tuesday with the next system moving in. Be safe out there!

10:40 pm: As the heavier rain returns, we have noticed icicles forming on the branches of the sycamore trees along Lynn Street just outside our studio windows here in Rosslyn. This rainfall rate does not accrete as quickly as steady very light rain or drizzle does. As long as temps stay below{ } 32 ice will build up. And rain will continue all night long. We expect a slow rise in temepratures but many areas north and west of DC may stay below freezing for most of the overnight hours. That is not good.

9:50 pm:{ } The leading edge of the next precipitation area has arrived here in Arlington. There have been reports of lightning and thunder along with some sleet. The rain will get heavier in places at times for the rest of the night. Additional icing likely and significant icing in those areas that remain more than a degree below freezing. In time, we expect to see some rise in surface temperatures. But it will be a long, icy and nasty night.

9:05 pm:{ } The 9 pm observation at Reagan Nat'l Airport rose 1 degree to 32 degrees. The temperature at BWI rose by 1 degree to 30 degrees. At least some temperatures are trending upwards. More icing as the next batch of rain arrives. Improvement only when temps go up to 33 degrees. Could happen overnight if some heavier downpours bring some warmer air down to the surface. This will take longer the farther north and west you are from DC.

8:06pm:{ }{ }The leading edge of the next batch of freezing rain is moving rapidly from southwest to northeast. It has now reached Harrionsburg. The rain stretchessouthwestward to North Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.Icing will develop quickly and continue until temperatures rise above freezing. And in many areas that may not happen until after sinrise Monday morning.


Very picturesque! RT @MartinMMC: Snowy and icy evening at the Washington Monument #dcwx

— Eileen Whelan (@EileenABC7) December 8, 2013


Not a big fan of this timeline... Latest HRRR never takes temps above 32° through 6am.. Heavy icing possible tonight.

— Alex Liggitt (@alexliggitt) December 8, 2013

5:32pm: The Winter Storm Warning has been extended to include D.C., Arlington and Alexandria in VA, Prince Georges Co. and Anne Arundel Co. in MD. The National Weather Service is anticipating the next round of precipitation to be a period of moderate to at times heavy freezing rain.

Up to a quarter of freezing rain is possible, which would make for major icing on trees, power lines and roadways. Major travel disruptions would be possible tonight and into Monday morning.

5:06pm: Be very careful out there tonight, quite slippery!

Ummm, you're facing the wrong direction. (On I-270N near Gaithersburg, MD).

— Jacob Wycoff (@4cast4you) December 8, 2013

4:30pm: Light sleet and freezing rain is expected to end over the next few hours, with a large break expected until closer to bedtime. When the next batch of precipitation enters, it should either be in the form of rain or freezing rain and rain. Temperatures are still hanging in the upper 20s to lower 30s and we will be monitoring them closely.

Doppler here

3:24pm: Here's a video of sleet in Manassas sent in by @3Mile on twitter.

2:54pm: Accidents have been common this afternoon and roadways will continue to be very treacherous this evening and tonight. Be safe out there!

@WTOPtraffic SB GWP about 1 mile from 495.

— Chief 288 (@Chief288) December 8, 2013

2:48pm: Ice is now beginning to accumulate on elevated surfaces and may soon begin (if it hasn't already) to accumulate on trees, bridges and overpasses and even the road surfaces. Snow is still clinging to life in Loudoun and Frederick Counties and points northwest into the Shenandoah Valley.

This was posted from Teresa Schellhamer in @AlexandriaVA @adamcaskey

— Alex Liggitt (@alexliggitt) December 8, 2013

2:07pm: Snow has changed over to sleet now in Arlington, VA and has also changed over south and east of D.C. Here is the current surface observations as of 2pm. Dulles Airport is now reporting sleet mixing in as well as Fort Belvoir and Quantico in VA. Areas will continue to change over to sleet and freezing rain through the afternoon and evening.


@WTOP 8" in Jefferson, MD. Now turning to sleet.

— James Compher (@hvacmanjc) December 8, 2013

1:14pm: Here are some of the latest snowfall totals from Jacqui Jeras. Way more than expected northwest of D.C. with the very intense snow band earlier. Less than an inch in D.C. and points east.

Frederick, MD takes the cake right now with 7" of snow. Updated totals.

— Jacqui Jeras (@JacquiJeras) December 8, 2013

1:04pm: Snow has been reported mainly north and west of the red line (though coverage is spotty in Southern Maryland, any reports are welcome!). Snow has been continuing through the D.C. Metro and heavy snowfall continues to be reported in the western suburbs including Martinsburg, Leesburg as well as places just to the north of Baltimore along I-95.

A few areas south of D.C. such as Culpeper and Orange are reporting light sleet as well. A transition to sleet and freezing rain should occur during the next few hours from southeast to northwest. Some locations in Southern Maryland may change over to rain but not until later this afternoon and evening.

Surface Observations as of 1pm

12:47pm: Mike Stinneford west of Front Royal is now reporting close to 4" of snow.

@MikeSABC7wx is now reporting closer to 4" of snow just west of Front Royal, VA

— Alex Liggitt (@alexliggitt) December 8, 2013

12:01pm: Here is the latest snowfall report as of Noon. Over 4 inches so far in Winchester, VA! Other area snowfall reports can be found in the latest Public Information Statement here.

Check out the #snow totals around the @ABC7News viewing area! @AlexLiggitt @WTOPtraffic @WTOP

— Steve Rudin ABC7 (@SteveRudinABC7) December 8, 2013

11:54am: Frederick, MD has been reporting very heavy snowfall, but our very own Ron Riley just reported a change to sleet in southeastern Frederick County. This is a picture from Bryan Schuerman along I-70 in Frederick. Very poor conditions on the roadways.

11:42am: Very heavy snowfall is falling in the Shenandoah Valley north and east to Frederick County, MD. We have reports of 3 inches or more in various locations, along with very poor visibility and covered roadways along I-81 and I-70. I've circled the area with the heaviest snow band in yellow.

Heavy snow band

11:08 a.m.: We held a quick Google Hangout to update everyone on the current situation. Check out a replay of Alex Liggitt's forecast.

10:50am: Mike Stinneford near Front Royal, VA sent in this nice snow video. About 2 inches has fallen there so far.

{ }


Snow dog!

— Liz G. (@eglomb) December 8, 2013

10:11am: Here are the first snow reports coming in across the region to the National Weather Service. In addition, we have seen many reports of over an inch along and west of the Blue Ridge and upwards of a half inch in the western suburbs of D.C.

LWX Public Information Statement (Snow/ice reports)


@JacquiJeras @EileenABC7 @SteveRudinABC7 Aldie, VA near Dulles.

— RandyBenn (@RandyBenn) December 8, 2013

9:54am: Snow has been sticking to the roadways west of D.C. This was a look at Reston Parkway around 9am. Please tweet me any pictures or share them to our Stormwatch 7 Facebook page wall so we can share them.

@WTOPtraffic Reston Parkway around 9 AM. Have snow tires on my car but came home & staying put. #Reston

— Ed Schudel (@WFOcom) December 8, 2013

9:48am: Dulles Airport has just taken over on the Flight Misery map for most delays in the U.S. right now. See the map here.

9:38am: Ryan Miller just tweeted a picture of the road temperatures in Arlington pegged at 28°F. Other area road temperatures in Maryland can be found here. Many are hanging near freezing.

Road temperature in @ArlingtonVA this AM.

— Ryan Miller (@RyanMillerABC7) December 8, 2013

9:27am: Here is the latest storm timeline from Jacqui Jeras. Snow will change over to sleet and freezing rain closer to lunch time. Icing may be up to a quarter of an inch west of D.C. with lesser amounts for the Metro and points east to the Chesapeake Bay.

Here is an updated timeline of today's weather for the D.C. Metro.Freezing rain holds on West of I-95 into the a.m.

— Jacqui Jeras (@JacquiJeras) December 8, 2013

9:23am: Mike Stinneford has some sound advice for those of you living west of D.C. and also those of you who have well water.

Getting ready to fill the bathtubs with water so I'll have water to flush with when the power goes out. Well doesn't work in power outages.

— Mike Stinneford (@MikeSABC7wx) December 8, 2013

9:18am: Adam Caskey is now reporting snow grains in Arlington. This could be part of the first signs of a changeover as it means there is a warmer layer somewhere aloft. Snow is still being reported west of D.C. and freezing rain is now being reported in St. Mary's County, MD.

Btw, we've changed to light snow grains (sleet like) in Arlington. Radar:

— Adam Caskey (@adamcaskey) December 8, 2013

9:06am: Check out the "Misery Map" from Already reporting massive delays at Dulles Airport and delays still common in Dallas and have spread to New York City. Not a great day to be traveling!

Flight Delay Map

9:00am: Be sure to send pictures in to the station and our facebook page. We started a photo gallery and you could also see your pictures on air!

8:30am: Here is the atmospheric sounding from this morning at Dulles Airport, showing cold air extending from the surface and no warm layers aloft just yet signaling all snow to start the day. Once warm air gets into the region aloft, precipitation will begin changing to sleet and freezing rain.

8:27am: Snow is now being reported at the National Weather Service office in Sterling too!

The pic doesn't do it justice. Moderate #snow at the office @JacquiJeras

— Greg Schoor (@ForSchoor) December 8, 2013

8:19am: Snow is now being reported in many locations across Virginia. A dusting has already been seen in Ashburn and moderate snow has accumulated up to an inch in areas in the mountains and west.

Snowing moderately at 28 in bram/ashburn. Have a dusting already.

— Matthew J. Rogers (@MattyMcMatt17) December 8, 2013


.25" of freezing rain a good bet for D.C. in the next 24 hours. This could become very dangerous. Ice impacts here:

— Jacqui Jeras (@JacquiJeras) December 8, 2013

8:10am: Up to an inch of snow being reported in the Blue Ridge and west towards parts of the Shenandoah Valley.

Moderate snowfall in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia #VAwx

— Joe Lehnen (@joetree415) December 8, 2013

7:40am: Here's a look at the storm total ice forecast from the National Weather Service. Ice is worse than snow or sleet as it can cause massive traffic problems and can also cause trees to fall and possible power outages due to the weight of the ice on the surfaces.


A half inch of snow already just west of Front Royal.

— Mike Stinneford (@MikeSABC7wx) December 8, 2013

7:22am: A few reports are already coming in, with some sleet starting in Fredericksburg and some light snow being reported in the Shenandoah Valley. Mike Stinneford took this picture from his mountain home in the Blue Ridge where a dusting has already fallen.


@JacquiJeras sleet just starting in F'burg. 33°.

— mjoyce1111 (@mjoyce1111) December 8, 2013

6:59am: Here's the current look at Doppler radar. Here's a link to the bigger picture of the storm taking shape and moving towards the D.C. area.

6:47am: The stage is being set with dry air at the surface (dew points in the teens) and temperature currently at or below freezing. Precipitation is beginning to move into the region (per Doppler radar) but is falling as virga and not reaching the ground just yet with surface moisture levels so low. We'll have to wait until later this morning (8am-11am) for enough moisture to get into the region for snow to begin to fall.

Oddly enough, Reagan National Airport is reporting flurries right now, but looking out the window I don't see anything just yet and don't expect to until another couple of hours.

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