D.C. Area Weather Forecast: Sandy Increasing Threat

Overnight: Mostly Cloudy, Fog late,{ }Cool

Lows: 55-59 | Wind: SE 5-10

Friday: Cloudy, Becoming Partly Sunny, Mild

Highs: 65-70 | Wind: SE 5-10

This Weekend: Sat:.Cloudy and Mild, Sun: Cloudy, Windy, Showers

Highs: Sat: 65 Sun: 55-60 | Rain: Increasing to 50% Chance Sunday

Sandy is an increasing threat to morph into a major storm for the NE in the next few days as it moves north and interacts with a strong jet stream moving from the west and becoming stronger as it heads toward the east.{ } The combination still has a moderate risk (now 60% chance) of becoming the "Perfect Storm" of 2012.{ } Here is the latest track.{ } The "cone" is about the 70% probability of the path of Sandy and what will likely become a fierce hybrid coastal storm.{ }

The various simulations we look at are beginning to converge to this major storm coming ashore around the Delaware to New Jersey shore.{ }

Here is my discussion I did earlier of what is so unusual and reason for concern.{ }

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It's a mix of a tropical/hurricane pattern getting combined with an amplifying winter-like jet stream pattern.{ } The makings of another "Perfect Storm"?{ } Very possible.

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