D.C. Area Weather Forecast: Sandy in the Future?

Overnight: Partly Cloudy and Mild

Lows: 53-58 | Wind: E-SE 5-10

Thursday: Partly Cloudy, Mild but Not as Warm

Highs: Near 75 | Wind: E-SE 5-10

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, Cooler

Highs: 65-72 | Wind: E 5-10

We tied the record 84° and another mild day ahead.{ } But also ahead by late in the weekend and early next week is what could be a major coastal storm from what is now hurricane Sandy the latest track from the tropical prediction center{ }this evening

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The uncertainty of the evental track is the reason precautions are now being taken along the coast and especially from the Mid-Atlantic to New England.{ } Here is a simulation that has been quite accurate in following the unusual path of Sandy becoming a major coast storm{ }

But, as you can see by the colors (the standard deviation) { }around the simulated center of a major storm to our east, there is still significant uncertainty.{ } Right now the impact in the DC area is mostly likely (50% chance) to be winds and some showers but no major damage.{ } There is a 20% chance of no real impact on us.{ }{ }Here is the latest plots of the various simulations we look at.{ } Still a trend to the east . . . but late October hurricanes interacting with more winter like jet stream patterns don't "obey" the rules.{ }{ }

We will keep you posted for sure, but no big update now late Wednesday

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