93 / 73
      92 / 74
      94 / 76

      D.C. Area Weather Forecast: Beautiful Night Milder days ahead

      Overnight: Clear, Bright and Chilly

      Lows: 25-32 | Wind: NW 5-10

      Thursday: Mostly Sunny, Cold morning, cool afternoon

      Highs: Near 50 | Wind: W-SW 5-10

      Friday: Sunny a bit milder, some high clouds PM

      Highs: 50-55 | Wind: S 5-10

      A beautiful clear night.{} Perfect to see the Full Moon and other sights tonight.{} Check outmy blog about the "Red Giant" you can also see tonight.{} Here's what it looks like.{}

      High pressure and dry air over us the next few days so chilly mornings but milder days ahead into the weekend.{} No storms in sight.{} Enjoy