D.C. area residents, businesses prepare for another winter blast

(WJLA) – Just when we thought the season of snow had finally melted away, more flakes are in the making. The wintry forecast has many of us longing for the dog days of summer.

“Going back to the snow is a little disappointing,” said Arlington resident Caitlin Leach. “I have bundle up in my parka and [wear] two pairs of gloves and big boots to walk Lincoln every day,” she continued while watching her pup take a spin around the dog park.

She and many others, on two legs and four, crowed into Clarendon’s James Hunter Park on Sunday afternoon.

They were soaking up the sun before Old Man Winter started howling again.

“We’ve been stuck inside for most of her life,” said new mother Heather Raeburn of Arlington. Her daughter was born in November.

“I’m not happy,” she says about the snow. Fatima Sulaiman isn’t happy either.

“We’re just taking advantage while we can,” she said of the temporary warm-up.

Her two youngest boys enjoyed the milder weather in costume before stuffing themselves into snowsuits.

“They have a flair for the dramatic I guess,” she laughed while watching her sons dressed as a monkey and lion whiz by on scooters.

Russell Solomon of Arlington is taking a swing at spring literally.

“It’s perfect weather right now,” he said while playing tennis nearby in Lyon Village Park.

“It’s a nice day, but it’ll be cold tomorrow,” he continued.

We may be far from regular outdoor tennis and swimming weather, but a pool shop in Gaithersburg is helping fight our winter weather woes.

“What this is 44,000 pounds of swimming pool salt,” pointed out Contemporary Watercrafters General Manager Howard Weiss. “Normally it would sit here for a couple months until pool season starts, but we’re happy to sell it now.”

Pool salt is an alternative deicer.

“It’s the last place around that has salt,” added Brian McCarthy. He owns a landscaping company and was on a scavenger hunt for salt until now.

The salt shortage is the worst he’s seen in his 32-year career.

“Prior to this it was 2009, 2010 which the storms were bigger then, but not as frequent,” said the owner of McCarthy Ground Maintenance Incorporated.

Back at the dog park, families are saying it’s time Old Man Winter throw us a bone.