Crazy weather across the United States

This seems to be one of the most active weather weeks in the United States so far this winter. Here in the D.C. area it has been a little dull, but the temperature swings have been making up for it.{ }Just think,{ }highs were in the 30s this weekend, near 60 degrees Tuesday and back into the 30s Wednesday. It's the rest of the country that has been receiving the brunt of it. Let me take you through a small list of what you're missing out on while you dwell in the Nation's Capital.

Heavy Snow: The Pacific Northwest has been{ }getting pummeled and will continue to be over the next couple of days. Let's take Seattle for instance..{ }There they average 11.4" of snowfall per year.{ }The forecast shows the potential{ }to get up to a foot or more through tomorrow night{ }as another strong winter storm enters the region.

Extreme Cold: Did you know most of North Dakota and parts of northern Minnesota are under an Extreme Cold Watch? That can be placed in effect when temperatures or wind chills of 30 below will be possible. This may be upgraded to a warning tonight or tomorrow. Here's the Grand Forks, ND{ }forecast from the National Weather Service for the next couple of days...

{ }

Forecast for Grand Forks, ND from the NWS

{ }Did I mention Fairbanks, AK was in the -40s for the past 4 days??? Don't worry, it should hit 15 below by Friday...big warm up!

High Winds: High Wind Warnings are in effect for numerous parts of the country. Buffalo, NY could see winds to 65 mph through tomorrow morning but there could be{ }even worse{ }news for skiers out west as Aspen, CO may see winds to 80 mph above 10,000 feet. More high winds are expected to affect portions of Wyoming with gusts up to 75 mph.

Severe Weather: With the strong cold front along the eastern part of the United States, there was ample moisture and shear for the development of a few tornadoes on Tuesday. One in Kentucky just outside of Louisville was rated as an EF-1 tornado with winds up to 95 mph. Here's pictures and video of the damage.

Storm Reports for Tuesday the 17th

Flooding: Not only was flooding reported in northern Alabama, where up to 2.5 inches of rain fell, but also in Hawaii, where{ }5 inches of{ }rain or more{ }fell! Not a great week to be in Hawaii, just look at{ }this forecast for continued rain over the next 7 days! Granted that is the western Island of Kauai.