Countdown Contest: When will we hit 90 degrees?

Updated Wednesday May 23: Wow, do you see the last time this post was updated? April 30th! We haven't even been close to breaking 90 degrees at Reagan until this week. I think there are numerous chances and they all lie over the Memorial Day weekend. This could be the 2nd year in a row we hit 90 degrees on May 26th. Last year it 92 on May 26th. Thank you Chuck Bell and Twitter for that, for some reason I missed that{ }before posting! If you haven't voted be sure to continue to get those votes in as we're still taking them in! Good luck!

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Updated Monday April 30: Will Reagan National finally hit the 90 degree mark this week? Signs are pointing to yes for this Friday. This comes interestingly enough after a period of 7 of the past 8 days seeing temperatures below normal. The last time{ }THAT happened was back in late October and early November of 2011. 6 months ago! If today is below normal that will make for the past 8 out of 9 days. So{ }of course it would seem fitting that we would hit the{ }90 degree mark only 5 days later. Time will tell!{ }

Updated Tuesday, April 17: Reagan National hit 89 degrees yesterday which was the warmest day so far this year but still no 90 degree day. As of now the 7-day forecast doesn't show any temperatures even in the 80s let alone 90. When do you think the area will get to 90 degrees? Keep those guesses coming in! I wouldn't mind wearing the ABC 7 swagger around in the form of a t-shirt, hat and umbrella.

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Updated Wednesday, April 11: Nothing like a little snow and graupel across the region to get you excited about a 90 degree day contest! With highs in the 50s today, it's hard to believe the temperatures will be pushing the low to mid 80s by the start of next week. There are still a lot of submissions coming in for the contest to be sure to submit your guess for the first day that it will reach 90 degrees at Reagan National. You can win an ABC 7 umbrella, t-shirt and a hat if you happen to guess correctly as well as see your name on the News. Good luck!

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Updated Thursday March 29: Another day has gone by and there doesn't seem to be a 90 degree day in sight, though it can't be too far off! The record high for today is 92 degrees at Reagan National, set back in 1907. As we get into April, more often than not the record high for the day is in the 90s. There are actually only 8 days in April that have record highs below 90 degrees. Be sure to send in your guesses as there are already tons of submissions! Good luck!

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As the D.C. area has seamlessly transitioned into Spring and early summer, it got us thinking about when the first 90 degree day will be. It's not quite that time of year yet but it will be upon us soon enough. Remember last year? Reagan National had the second{ }warmest summer on record at an average of{ }81.1 degrees F, which was only second to the summer of 2010 which had an average temperature of 81.3 degrees F.

2011 included 50 days at or above 90 degrees. Six record highs were broken during the summer and 3 days were at or above 100 degrees. The hottest day was on July 29 when the temperature soared to 104 degrees at Reagan National. That same day the temperature hit 106 degrees at BWI Marshall.

So will this summer be just as bad? Meteorological Spring has started off very warm with temperatures in the 80s 3 days in a row including a record breaking 82 degrees on March 15. Are we close to our first 90 degree day? Climate statistics would tell you we aren't. Check out the first day Reagan National hit the 90 degree mark over the past 20 years.

First 90 degree day for the past 20 years

To send us your best prediction, send an email with your guess to If you happened to send your predictions to facebook already, please resend to the email address above instead. Sorry, we had a bit of a glitch so had to create an email address for the contest instead! All we need is the correct day, and we will choose from the winners and send you a prize. For contest rules, click here.

Remember, you are guessing for the first{ }time Reagan National Airport officially{ }hits 90 degrees, so disregard other area temperatures for the contest.{ }Good luck!