Cold rains Sunday

Tonight: Clear to Partly Cloudy and Mild

Lows: 55-61 | Wind: Light

Saturday: Sunny Morning, Increasing Clouds Afternoon, Showers Late

Highs: 74-79 | Rain: 70% Chance by Evening

Sunday: Cold Rain, Heavy at Times, Increasing Winds

Highs: 50-55 | Precipitation: 2-3" and near 100% Probability

A beautiful day today.{ } Everything I look at continues to indicate a major East Coast storm forming late Saturday and bringing the area significant rain through Sunday.{ } Right now rainfall of 3" or more to the east to 1-3" toward the Blue Ridge is likely.{ } Some areas north may get 4" and possible flooding by Monday A real dought denter if not buster.{ } Washington's rain deficit for the year is still over 5" so the chilly Sunday rain will be welcome.{ } The storm will be rapidly intensifying Sunday with gale winds likely along the coast and cold north winds in the DC area.{ } Behind the storm chilly winds will linger into Monday.{ } Get the lawn mowing and outside work done Saturday and hunker down Sunday